“Areia” unique ring by Leon Mege featuring rare Paraiba tourmalines. It’s name after the city of Areia – where the campus of Universidade Federal da Paraíba is located.

A step-cut African Paraiba of a mysterious purple shade combining the calm serenity of a blue and the fierce heat of a red is set in the center of the ring. The pair of bright blue Brazilian cabs are “high-voltage bookends” guarding the center gem. Positioned from East to West all stones are encircled by a sparkling frame of diamond micro pave. “Never in the history of jewelry-making such a beautiful ring has been created…” – lamented Correio Da Paraiba. The craftsmanship of this ring is really impressive – from its refined design and solid custom build to the unprecedented use of two different Paraiba varieties, it’s a stunner, waiting to be showcased on your hand. Indulge yourself in the paradise of Paraiba, stay on top of the fashion trend with its bold, electrifying colors! Pair it with your Bohemian dress, done-up-denim or standout sequins and you’ll never run out of admirers! The term “Paraiba” refers to copper and manganese bearing variety of tourmaline – the rare type of this precious gemstone.

Tooltip  This is a fine example of our craftsmanship and style presented here to inspire your imagination. Because these unique specifications are impossible to replicate exactly, we invite you to explore all available options by calling us at (212) 768-3868.

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