The True Antique cushion Blonde Moissanite set in the exclusive Leon Mege Heidy™ ring. It is a rough equivalent to a 3-carats E/VVS diamond. The enchanting Tulle Godets two-sided halo is supported by the diamond “bubbles” set into a V-shaped scrolling lace pattern forming the basket.  The shank is set with bright-cut pave on all three sides.

  • All pave diamonds are ideal cut round brilliants
  • Bright-cut pave
  • Cathedral shank
  • Eagle claw prongs
  • Our True Antique Blonde moissanites are cut to the exact specifications
The Blonde moissanite is cut from a solid slab of crystal-clear E-color silicon carbide at our secret Asian facility. Our True Antique cushion Blonde moissanites retain the  Old World flair at a fraction of the cost. It is impossible to distinguish between a natural diamond and the Blonde moissanite without close examination by an expert. The realistic look is due to our proprietary cutting process explicitly designed to mimic the optical properties of a diamond.

To ensure the privacy of our clients, we cannot disclose the sale price. Sold pieces are presented here for your inspiration. However, we can provide an estimate of a custom version based on your unique specifications. 

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