Ascribing meaning to objects isn’t new –  Neanderthals used amulets in burials as far back as 25,000 BC. However, scientists tell us that charms, amulets, and symbols work differently than talismans. For example, the”Evil Eye” or Rabbit Foot are used to ward off the evil spirits, while talismans are designed to reenergize the owner with positive power.

Leon Mege successfully packaged every magic power in one convenient and affordable pendant set with gem rhodonites and tsavorite garnets. The pendant protects from imminent danger while simultaneously raising the wearer’s energy to the level achieved by consuming a case of Red Bull. As an added bonus the unique talisman protects from vampires and according to anecdotal evidence even zombies.


  • Silver and 18K pink gold
  • 4 gem rhodonite cabs
  • Faceted round tsavorites
  • Black silk rope
  • Unique and magical one-of-a-kind design

Tooltip  This is a fine example of our craftsmanship and style presented here to inspire your imagination. Because these unique specifications are impossible to replicate exactly, we invite you to explore all available options by calling us at (212) 768-3868.

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