Tsavorite and Pearl Drops e8257

How badly do you want to play golf this weekend? Enjoy some downtime with the purchase of this very thoughtful gift for your loved one!  A stunning pair of earrings with vivid green tsavorite garnets connected via kite-shaped and round diamonds links to the elegant silver-grey pearls with intricate micro-pave caps. The exclusive earrings are lighter than a feather and flexible at every joint. Hand-made in platinum at Maestro Mege studio in New York.

The earrings are created WITHOUT the use of CAD or casting, the old-fashioned way.
  • The drops are approx. 35 mm in length
  • Elongated 12 mm wide, 15 mm long silver-grey South Sea pearls with a pale green sheen
  • Natural vivid-green tsavorites 1.82 carats total weight
  • 176 natural round diamonds
  • 2 kite-shaped diamonds
  • The total diamond weight is 2.25 carats
  • Bespoke hand-forged craftsmanship
  • Platinum

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