Classic five-stone ring set with antique cushion Blonde moissanite, rough equivalent of a 2-carat diamond center. Side stones are natural diamond bullets and half-moons.

Wearing faux jewels is not a new concept. Queen Elizabeth covered her gowns with thousands of cheap Majorca pearls and glass diamonds, creating an embellishment craze in the royal courts. Coco “the Nazi” Chanel turned the fashion world upside down with long ropes of faux pearls and glass-jeweled brooches and cuffs.

  • Center stone – Blonde moissanite 8×8 mm
  • Two diamond bullets, natural diamonds
  • Two half-moon natural diamonds
  • Double claw prongs
  • Hand-forged platinum

To ensure the privacy of our clients, we cannot disclose the sale price. Sold pieces are presented here for your inspiration. However, we can provide an estimate of a custom version based on your unique specifications. 

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