Star of David with Rubies p7032

An iconic symbol to nosh your yiddishe neshama. The extra-large Star of David pendant is the classic Judaic symbol and a decorative ornament used since antiquity. It is a fashion statement rather than a sign of excessive religiosity. So why not give it to your ex-wife for Christmas?

Beautifully crafted by hand and set with 144 (signifying 12 tribes of Israel) natural rubies weighing 1.80 carats in total. Set in antiqued silver (proven vampire repellent).

  • Star of David pendant with rubies
  • 144 round rubies 1.80 carats total
  • Antiqued finish silver
  • The pendant measures approx. 34 mm x 30 mm
  • Chain is sold separately
Can be worn on a black silk string or a chain of your liking.

Tooltip  The item is in stock and available for immediate purchase. Complimentary shipping within the continental United States.


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