Halo 600 and 800 series

Both 600- and 800-series rings have a diamond halo that circles the center stone. On occasion, the halo can be set with colored gemstones. There are two main pave styles – modern and traditional


Leon Mege bridal rings 600-series illustration

Traditional pave, called bright-cut pave, brings a conservative style to the halo design. 600-series rings have an antique flair, often emphasized by millgrain. Diamonds in bright-cut pave are set single-file between two edges. 

  • 611 – top of the shank and single row on the halo r6240
  • 613 – three sides of the shank, single row on the halo
  • 621 – pave on the top of the shank and two sides of the halo r5142
  • 623 – three sides on the shank, two sides on halo r7155


Series 800 features modern pave styles, such as cut-down, V-cut, fishtail, etc. Each style differentiates the number of pave rows in the ring. The number in the middle is the number of rows in the halo. The last digit is the number of rows on the shank.

  • 810 – single row halo with plain shank r7431
  • 811 – single row halo with a single row on the shank r8129
  • 813 – single row halo with a three-row shank r6577
  • 821 – two-row halo, single-row shank r8221

Leon Mege 811 Halo style is our most popular halo engagement ring style.

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