Pave Anatomy

Pave Micro Pave Pave Types Leon Megé European-trained setters are masters of setting diamonds and gemstones using a technique called “pavé,” from the French for “pavement.” Pavé stones are held in place with “beads” – rounded, raised wedges of metal. Pavé Styles Old styles of pavé are so-called “illusion” types. They were designed to work … Read more

Current Diamond Prices

Round Diamonds Fancy Shaped Diamonds Diamonds’ starting prices to better assist you in estimating your total budget. The amount shown is the entry point for the three most common grades. We recommend familiarizing yourself with 4C’s to understand better how diamond prices are affected by the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Sales Tax

We do not collect sales tax on items shipped outside of the New York State or to foreign countries. We do not collect import duties on items going to foreign countries. We collect 8.875% New York state sales tax only when the items are delivered within the state of New York or picked up in … Read more


Tourmaline is one of the most colorful gemstones. It got its name at the beginning of the 18th century when Dutch sailors brought gems that natives of Sri Lanka called turamali. Turmaline is a relatively hard material 7-7.5 on Mohs scale suitable for use in jewelry. Tourmalines include a whole group of minerals with a common crystalline … Read more


Chrysoberyl was discovered in 1789. Cat’s-eye chrysoberyl, along with its non-phenomenal counterparts, is one of the most revered gems. Chrysoberyl and beryl are two completely different gemstones, although both contain beryllium. Additional confusion was caused by calling yellow-green chrysoberyl and completely unrelated mineral peridot by the same name – chrysolite. Chrysoberyl is a relatively hard … Read more


A girdle is the widest part of a gemstone, separating the crown above from the pavilion below. The girdle’s circumference defines the stone face-up measurements.  What are the different types of girdles? A diamond girdle can be bruted or polished. Modern diamonds usually have girdles small facets giving them better transparency and stronger brilliance. Step-cut … Read more


The pearls are gems grown within the soft tissue of an oyster around a microscopic irritant such as a grain of sand that found its way inside the shell. There are two types of pearls identical in composition and appearance and different only in how they were conceived – natural and cultured. Natural pearls are … Read more


The beryl family encompasses a group of very popular and precious gems. The single beryl species gave us charming Santa-Maria aquamarines and Colombian emeralds and tender pink morganites, heliodor in festive shades of yellow,  ruby-red bixbites, and even colorless goshenites. Emerald is typically heavily included; its inclusions can even help identify where it was mined. … Read more

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